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World music (World music) is one of the musical categories (genre), and is a concept which includes various music of a style of every corner of the earth, and (or) is music to which two or more cultural tradition is mixed up.

Robert Edward Brown (English-language edition), an ethnomusicology person, will coin this term at the first half of the 1960s.

In order that he might be in the Wesley Anh university, might perform an undergraduate student's education and training and might make it learn effectively, he invited the players of Africa or Asia ten or more, and held a series of world music concerts those days.

The music of various areas in the world is performed in a series of concerts, or one music is performed in the orchestra which mixed various musical instruments in the world.

Moreover, Bruno Nettl (English-language edition), an ethnomusicology person, In own work in 1985, the new music group which took in the element of the Europe music and was made from globalization in the world which began from the 19th order century, and the influence of development of music media in the non-Europe area was called "world music."

the music in the world where "world music" has the side in which it was used in order to point out the music of un-and the West at first in the world of arts and sciences, and globalization progresses -- an audience -- it came to be used also as the genre name of a sake, and a marketing term.

It is derived to various hybrid subgenres now as a genre called world music develops.

For example, there are also subcategories, such as World Fusion, a global fusion, and an ethnic fusion.

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