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Hi there, I’m nice guy DJ.
My name is Kazu and I like to make music.

I did DJ to send the latest music and classic music. The music genre varies and is HIPHOP, R & B, SOUL, JAZZ. I name them "WORLD". The motto "BPM:" It does it in a motto in 100 or more that select music that it is nice, and the paste is good.

In addition, not only I sent music, but also I made the sound source and was active as CREW. A member is DJ, MC, three people of TRACKMAKER. It is the musical piece that individual individual collars were over. The Homo sapiens names us Nice Good Looking Guys. I sell the record which I collected regularly here. It is rare, and one piece becomes only for it.


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  • House music (House music) is one of the musical…
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  • Reggae (reggae English pronunciation: [rɛɡeɪ]), in…
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