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Reggae (reggae English pronunciation: [rɛɡeɪ]), in the narrow sense originated in the late 1960s in Jamaica, a popular music that was popular until the first half of the 1980s.

The thing of the popular music at large materialized in a broad sense in Jamaica is said.

It has the musical feature of the base etc. which play the guitar which minces the 2nd of the quadruple measure for 4 minutes, and the 4th beat by cutting rendition, the drum in which the 3rd beat of each vibrant tune is accented, and a baseline which surges.

Narrow sense of reggae is directly was also developed from a popular music Ska and Rock Steady of Jamaica, is the folk music of Jamaica placements or, rhythm-and-blues of the United States, Trinidad and Tobago birthplace of Calypso, Rastafarian music and is Naiyabingi of, Congo birthplace of Kumina (en) and the West Africa origin of John canoe (en), further was established under the influence of a variety of music such as the march.

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