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House music (House music) is one of the musical genres born in American Chicago in 1977.

It is only called a house in many cases.

The disco of the 70s, the Filly soul, the Salso Ur sound, etc. are made into the origin.

As a root, the culture on the theme of the sex discrimination dissolution to a gay etc. existed.

The gay disco "warehouse" in Chicago is considered as the name origin, and the recognition which is the music on the theme of sex discrimination is strong in the feature to the United States.

Then, although the center of the house moved from Chicago to Europe centering on Britain after the end of the 80s - the "Euro disco boom" of the 90s, in Britain, pursuit of the original theme nature faded and the trial on the theme of mixed (mix) technology with various music sound sources was performed.

At the present (2012), most original theme nature disappears and has spread globally as a way method (what is called mix) on a musical arrangement (arrangement).

As for the house on the theme of sex discrimination, it is common to assume that its head has been raised from the second half of the 1980s to the 90s as present age dance music which uses DJ (D.J.) as a core with hip-hop (hip hop) on the themes of discrimination against outcast people or poverty.

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