January 1 st 2017


Japanese paper is stretched at the wire net knit to the pan form, and foods, such as vegetables, are put in and boiled there.

In the size of one portion, it uses up at once.

The medicine which gives water resistance and refractoriness to Japanese paper makes it have sunk in, and paper also plays the role which adsorbs bitter taste.

The quickly prepared dish pan made of Japanese paper built taking advantage of the characteristic of konnyaku.

Waste smeared the (waste) paper and Mino (Mino) glue of konjac ball on both sides of the paper, or the like (glue), but finish in a box type of pot after drying in the sun, not used at home, very it is a special on.

Trivet (Gotoku) burnt not be boiled in strong charcoal fire through, also those made in the elongated bag shape, also became early glass wine ewer of and put into hot water Sakekan (subjective).