March 3 rd 2017

About spice,

For example, Puerariae constitute the kakkonto, ephedra, Keishi, by such as licorice, kakkonto is manufactured using seven of condiments, also, such as apothecary of Shichimi that.

The crude drug, acid, bitter, sweet, spicy, 鹹 (cans, salty) one or two or more are defined each of the Gomi of, they have a meaning on the medicinal and Haizai.

The scent which attaches a small quantity to cooking and is used for it, and strong clever spices.

Western called the herbs those of green leaf in the culture, the spices that spices.

This item explains this.

Strong flavor ingredients are antidote to poison and, also acts such as tonic, stomach.

Some of the condiments that are used in cooking, ginger (business climate, that of ginger), shiso (perilla), sansho (Annex I, Sansho), Keishi (Superintendent, cinnamon), etc., is used as a condiment of traditional Chinese medicine there are also many things.