May 5 th 2017

What's is TKG

The fish and shellfishes of the animal food which Japanese people eat more from ancient times were in the mainstream.

Due to the influence of ahimsa precepts of Buddhism (although there is also a misunderstanding), intake of meat and poultry were rare.

Although it was not considered that a chicken was what it still ate when compared with flesh of animals, but man eats long about the egg which birds laid, it still serves as a meal dish which hung the non-heating chicken egg on the meal in the present age.

Soy sauce etc. are used as a seasoning.

An egg is used in the raw state.

"Egg topped rice", "egg rice", "egg burning hotly," "over egg", "Tamagohan", "Plucking", "Bokkake rice", also referred to as "TKG (Tamago Kake Gohan)".