June 6 th 2017

Fruits is so sweet

Mikkabi The tangerine (Mikkabi mandarin orange), is that of the mandarin of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kita-ku, Mikkabi production.

Edo Period mid-starts the Kishu Nachi Mikkabi Hirayama district from local Yamada WataruEmon brought back the seedlings of "Kishu mandarin orange".

Gombei Kato in the Hirayama, Mikkabi-cho area introduces large "Satsuma mandarin" of a fruit into the acquired Tamotsu every year (from 1830 to 1843) from the Mikawa Kira district, and instead of a "Satsuma mandarin" came to be grown by the "Kinokuni mandarin."

When it went into Meiji Era, a "Satsuma mandarin" collects as a mandarin orange garden, and came to be planted.

Sotaro Nakagawa started for his new assignment as a full-time engineer in 1920 (Taisho 9), and it guided technology, such as using Maki's tree as a windbreak, straw matting credit, disinfection, and pruning.

In this way, mandarin orange cultivation was spread and fixed to the Mikkabi area.